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Orthodontic Braces

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Orthodontic Braces help in creating a healthy appearance but there are certain side effects as well, which for sure can easily be dealt with. Braces are there to realign your teeth and as your teeth shifts, you will be experiencing initial pain and soreness in your mouth and jaw. 

Orthodontic braces treatment is not a short affair because it takes time to realign the teeth that are sticking out; however, you can avoid initial time wastage by following these suggestions:

• Be sincere with your dental appointments, regardless of your busy schedule 

• Adjusting orthodontic braces is not an easy task so be on time

• If you are into sports, consider wearing mouth guard 

• Gum diseases and tooth decay can delay the progress in orthodontic treatment so consider staying loyal to brushing and flossing 

Soreness in the mouth, the especially tongue can occur due to broken wires, as they tend to rub inside. In case of soreness the dentist suggests or prescribes certain ointment and medication to curb the issue temporarily as the wires need to be fixed for permanent solution:

Things you should consider when seeking for Orthodontics Treatment

Here are some situations in which you should consider seeking Orthodontist Dubai or schedule an appointment:

Bands: bands do become loose with time and while making other adjustments the orthodontist tightens it back into place.

Brackets: regular moments and wear- tear can loosen the bracket, which again can cause discomfort at first. Applying orthodontic wax at the moment can be a temporary solution until you meet the specialist.

Broken wires: broken wires can lead to cuts inside the mouth or even soreness. In such cases, either you use the rubber tip of the pencil to adjust the wire to a comfortable spot or apply orthodontic wax to the tip to make it less sharp. If you are already dealing with mouth soreness, consider rinsing with warm salt water or antiseptic solution before consulting with the specialist. 

Spaces: braces loosen and develop spaces with time and this is why you should never skip an appointment because braces need to be realigned and tightened, as per the changes in your teeth alignment. 

Food habits

One of the many limitations for people wearing braces is ‘chewing’ and in order to make that easier, you should cut your food into small portions. The likes of nuts, apples, and even bubble gums fall into the category of hard and chewy food items. These have a tendency of damaging the hardware in your mouth. Even if you are adopting soft food items in your diet, bands and springs in braces will attract food particles that again will stain your teeth. Therefore, regular flossing and brushing become mandatory. 

Orthodontic experts at reputed clinics such as Hellenic Dental Clinic will advise you to use special brushes that are designed for people with braces. These brushes are soft on the brackets and are helpful in cleaning difficult areas of the teeth easily without damaging the braces. In addition, include a fluoride mouthwash in you're daily after food regimen for healthy clean teeth. 

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