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Veneers Hollywood Smile in Dubai


Porcelain Veneers Hollywood Smile in Dubai

The concept of Veneers Hollywood Smile in Dubai has been garnering a lot of attention and accolades due to the benefits and ease of the procedure.Also known as porcelain veneers or even dental porcelain laminates, Dental veneers are extremely thin tooth colored substances that cover up the frontal portion of your teeth to give them a better appearance. These shells like material have the ability to attach themselves perfectly to the front of your teeth thereby giving them a better shape and much brighter appearance. Dental Veneers can be manufactured from composite resin materials and also from porcelain, the latter happens to be much in demand due to its incredible property of mimicking light like real teeth and they resist stain better. 

However, Resin veneers have their own benefits as they are comparatively thinner and require less tooth surface removal in order to be implanted. It’s better to seek the assistance of a professional/dentist before proceeding with any of the aforementioned choices.

To go into understandable details, a Porcelain laminate veneer compiles several thin layers of ceramic that replace tooth enamel with an adhesive layer that sticks firmly. Usually, less than a millimeter of original tooth enamel has to be removed to apply a veneer. This technique of Veneers Hollywood smile in Dubai allows porcelain veneer to fit in smoothly without disrupting the natural function of a tooth and giving a brighter appearance. It must be noted that the attachment or the bond between porcelain veneer and the tooth is very essential, not only for a strong bonding but also to give it a natural appearance. Professionals use a ‘curing light’ device to harden the light-sensitive resin, placed between original tooth and veneer.

Our world is changing continuously and even as the moment we speak, you will notice paradigm shift in trends and habits. Eating habits, dressing sense and even grooming styles have come of ages, which is why everyone wants the best of what the world has to offer. Due to numerous reasons, our original teeth develop issues such as discoloration or even poor shape and this is where Porcelain veneers prove to be the best option for one to go with. No just bad color, even if your tooth has lost alignment, shape or even minor bite related issue can easily be solved with this technique. In severe cases of stained teeth, bleaching and whitening procedures often go in vain, which is why experts today suggest porcelain veneer.

Veneers can fix:

                Discolored Teeth – due to fluoride deposit, treatment such as root canal, side effects of medicinal drugs

                Worn down tooth due to age

                Broken Teeth

                Uneven teeth or bad shape

                Teeth with gaps

Veneers advantages:

                Provides a natural appearance

                Whitened teeth with no gum issues

                Stain resistant solution

                Dark teeth appear whiter using this technique

                Veneers don’t require extensive shaping like crowns

Veneers Hollywood Smile Before & After

Veneers Hollywood Smile

MAINTENANCE OF A PORCELAIN VENEER and what people should do!

This is the best part when it comes to porcelain veneers, which is the maintenance part. All one has to do is treat them like natural teeth, with regular routines like flossing and brushing.However, professionals do suggest using non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste.

People who have a habit of grinding their teeth may want to acquire bite guards for the night so that they don’t ruin their veneers. However, a regular visit to a dentist is advised to ensure porcelain veneers are working just fine for you. Some consider veneers to be expensive but considering the long-term benefits of the procedure, it clearly outweighs the original the procedural cost.

Bring back the best Veneers Hollywood smile in Dubai with porcelain veneers!

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