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Wondering How To Make Your Teeth Whitening Rock Read This


Best  Teeth Whitening in Dubai

The process of Teeth Whitening proves to be a useful affair to treat issues like discoloration and stains. One of the most popular dental procedures, Teeth Whitening in Dubai, is a proven process for improving your overall appearance of teeth. Almost all dentists have the facility to perform teeth whitening treatment, but still, it is better to seek the services of an experienced professional. It is a very good-to-know info that teeth whitening is a continuous process and should be carried on from time to time if one wants bright teeth for a long tenure.

Teeth Whitening Types

1. Zoom Teeth Whitening

Many consider Zoom Teeth Whitening as one of the most efficient and powerful teeth whitening techniques we have today. A pioneer in teeth whitening technology, if anyone has to understand the uniqueness of zoom teeth whitening procedure, he or she will have to learn teeth whitening system in general. Not only the technique is effective when compared to traditional teeth whitening methods, but it is fast as well. Zoom teeth whitening procedure takes 45 minutes to 1 hour, which is why people who have a busy schedule prefer to go with this type of system.  

In this kind of teeth whitening technique, they use a bleaching gel to treat the teeth, which again is exposed to light that elevates the effect of this gel. After heightening the active ingredients of this gel, the teeth become eight times whiter. People are also confused whether teeth whitening techniques are worth it or not and many fear health issues as well. Clinical studies and researches have shown that the procedures are usually safe if carried on under the supervision of a dentist. Zoom teeth whitening may be safe but is still not recommended for pregnant women, new mothers as well as children below thirteen years of age.

2. Laser Teeth Whitening

Professionals associated with Dentistry consider Laser teeth whitening as one of the latest trend setters and as the most recent development that has changed the scenario of teeth whitening altogether. As per the professionals who are an expert in the process, it is the blue light that is used in the treatment that speeds up the whitening process. What many believe as a ‘laser light’ is a halogen or a LED light.

The reason why people seek these treatments is the value of an appealing personality today. A perfect smile is aptly supported by shiny white teeth, which is why people find modern treatments that can help them achieve pearly white teeth. A whitening procedure that involves in-surgery whitening often costs much more than the usual traditional stuff. Teeth whitening system in olden days was a never-imagines stuff and today dentistry has developed to an extent wherein you have over the counter medications and even teeth whitening kits.

They also have do-it-yourself laser whitening kit, which costs less than the one performed by a dentist and can be made within the comfort level of your home. However, it is the professional supervision that makes the difference and moreover, you don’t have to break a sweat.

3. Home teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening is one of the cheapest or affordable ways to obtain shiny white teeth. Of course, a few years back this was not possible because the only way to get that shine back was to visit a professional dentist. Sporting a pair of pearly white teeth is a sign of health and makes you look more attractive, especially when you smile. Having white teeth makes you confident enough to smile, and the same confidence is reflected when you interact with people. Dental charges today are quite high, and whitening procedures require you to visit a clinic multiple times in a month, which again not everyone can afford. 

Home teeth whitening procedures with the help of over the counter kits have made life easier for a lot of us. Today we all are busy running after our goals and objectives, which is why on our day offs we are dealing with our personal lives. Amidst all this, fixing an appointment with the dentist seems virtually impossible, this is why ‘home teeth whitening’ has been a game changer for the busy ones. Besides that, these home kits prove to be pretty light on your pockets as well, compared to what the professionals charge for their services. 

Tooth Whitening treatment benefits and usage

Before discussing the advantages of the procedure or treatment, let’s know how things work. It all has to do with the enamel, which is the outermost layer of a tooth. The color of your teeth is the combination of the light that is reflected off this enamel plus the color of dentin beneath the enamel. The thickness and smoothness of the coating depend on genetics, which is why people with thinner enamel can show more color of their dentins, unlike people with thicker and rough enamel.

Technically, it is due to the thin coating of the pellicle that forms on the enamel, and stains occur on your tooth that makes them appear discolored. Some of the common reasons why tooth appears yellowish include habits such as:

o   Chewing tobacco

o   Too much tea and coffee

o   Poor oral hygiene


However, with age enamel becomes thinner, thereby exposing the much darker dentin that leads to less bright teeth. Intrinsic or the inner stains of teeth can also lead to yellowish teeth.Internal stains are caused due to multiple reasons like tetracycline antibiotics or too much exposure to fluoride as a child. A child can also have stains when the mother takes tetracycline antibiotics during the second half of the pregnancy cycle. Besides, that stress and trauma are some of the common reasons that lead to dark or discolored teeth. Tooth whitening, however, is best for extrinsic or external or surface stains.

How is it done? And something more on Teeth Bleaching in Dubai

The success of tooth whitening treatment depends on many factors and also on the current health status. For instance, if you are suffering from cavities then you need to take care of them first because cavities can block whitening solution from reaching the prime spots. Also, receded gums expose yellowish teeth roots which cannot be brightened using the procedure. If you are currently undergoing the treatment, ensure your expert clicks photograph of your teeth to track the progress. It’s quite common for a Dentist to ask questions about your eating habits and lifestyle to know the real cause of staining. Only after thorough cleaning and analysis, the procedure of whitening is started.

Tooth whitening procedures today can also be carried out at home using the read-to-use kits offered by the dentists or even available over the counter. These kits have instructions mentioned and have special trays designed to hold the gel or whitening strips properly for weeks. Never overdo the instructions as overuse can have serious side effects as well. Those who wish to perform the treatment under the supervision of an expert should consult professionals for teeth whitening in Dubai.

Teeth bleaching procedures are of two types – ‘Vital whitening’ is performed on teeth with live nerves whereas for those who have undergone root canal treatment and lost the live nerves have to undergo ‘non-vital’ whitening treatment. When a dentist is performing the procedure in his or her office, he can use a much powerful whitening gel along with a laser-like specialized light that activates a bleaching effect.

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