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Many of us will be surprised to know that poor oral health in real has been linked to severe other health issues and diseases like strokes. However, the good news is that due to some minor adjustments and precautions, you can lessen the risk of diseases and improve your quality of life. So, if you thought poor oral hygiene lead only to bad breath and yellow teeth, think again because we have studies linking oral cancer to bad oral hygiene as well. Researchers of a dental clinic in Jumeirah even suggest connections between gum issues, stroke, heart diseases and bacterial pneumonia.

Let’s look at some habits and factors that have a great effect on our oral health:

Sweet and Sugar: This possibly the entire world knows and ignores. Heavy sugar consumption not only hampers the sugar level in blood but also leads to issues in gums and teeth. Sugar triggers the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive in mouth, which again produces enzymes that leads to tooth decay. Experts at dental clinic in Jumeirah say that most people avoid brushing their teeth or even flossing after snacking.

Here are some snacks to avoid if you are one of them because these stick to your teeth and gums causing more issues:

                Candies, cookies, cakes, and pie

                Sugary gum

                Crackers, bread sticks, and chips

                Dried fruits and raisins

Cigarette and smoke: A lot of us have an idea what cigarette and smoking do to our lungs. However, tobacco has similar severe effects on gums. Tobacco products lead to gum diseases, tooth decay and in extreme cases even oral cancer. Dental clinic Jumeirah suggests that the smoke that comes from tobacco have an adverse effect on blood flow in gums, which not only ruins your gums slowly but also lead to tooth decay and bad breath as well.

Alcohol: Quite few people are aware how alcohol affects your oral hygiene. Excessive alcohol intake dehydrates your body including mouth, which lead to bacteria becoming active. Individuals who have alcohol issues are likely to have dental issues like discoloration, tooth decay and bad breath as well.

Weight issues: This one is for the ones who wear dentures that have a perfect fit because of which it fits the gum pads. People dealing with weight issues face oral health concerns as well due to unstable gum pads.

Medication: Some drugs especially antibiotics lead to stain internally that are difficult to clean. Some medications dry up saliva leading to tooth decay and issues like bad breath. Most over the counter drug taken by pregnant mothers can have adverse side-effects, even to the child which is yet to see the world. dentist clinic in jumeirah suggest regular visit to the dental expert for best advice and analysis of minor issues, thereby avoiding serious problems in future.

As per experts, the thumb rule to healthy teeth and gums include the following:




                Eating right

                Visiting the dentist

Experts at Jumeirah dental clinic also suggest dental sealants – a material that is used to create a coating on the chewing surface of the teeth. Dental sealants have a long life and protect teeth from issues like decay. However, it is advised to place sealants on teeth without decay for better performance and protection.Dental Clinics Jumeirah house some world class professionals who ensure clients maintain a healthy oral hygiene with the help of modern world treatments and cutting-edge technologies together. Requirements and body type may differ from person to person but timely dental clinic visit is advisable in all the cases to avoid future issues and discomfort.

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