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Dental Implant in Dubai

To define ‘Dental Implants in a simple language is the procedure of replacing tooth roots. Teeth implants offer a strong base for permanent or temporary teeth to match one's natural teeth alignment.

 Although there are many advantages of Dental Implants let’s just have a look at some of the major benefits:

• Dental implants feel pretty much like your natural teeth, and since they are infused with the bone, they can be termed as permanent.

• Ill-fitted dentures hamper your speech that can lead to poor impression when you are speaking to others. Dental implants leave no space for such worries resulting in perfect communication and of course a perfect smile.

• Removable dentures can be a burden and a pain considering we live in a fast-paced environment. Dental implants become a part of you which leaves no window for discomfort.

• Since dental implants behave like real teeth, you are free to experience a world of taste. You get the confidence to chew real food without pain or any other discomfort.

• Who doesn’t want a Hollywood Smile? Dental implants in Dubai allow you to smile and impress those around you because everyone loves a confident and a real smile.

• Unlike tooth supported bridge, dental implants do not require alteration of real teeth thereby promoting your oral hygiene. As real teeth are not disturbed, long-term health benefits are supposed to follow, and other dental procedures become much easier.

• When it comes to durability nothing can beat dental implants because it lasts many years. Experts even suggest that if maintained properly like they are supposed to, Dental implants can even last a lifetime.

• Unlike removable dentures, dental implants allow you to escape the mess of adhesives, and also you can easily avoid the embarrassment of removing them from time to time.

Types of dental implants

A dental implant is nothing but an artificial tooth root that replaces your missing or decayed tooth. Dental implants are best in cases of tooth injury, periodontal disease, or even missing teeth for that matter. The most preferred and also the most common type of dental implants goes by the name of ‘endosteal’ that goes straight to the jaw bone. Things included in such types of dental implants are cylinders, blades, and screws that go deep into the jaw bone. Each dental implants that a patient gets includes a prosthetic tooth to go with it. This type of dental implants is best suited for patients with bridges or with removable dentures.   

Another common name is ‘sub-periosteal’ dental implants technique that also goes into the bone, but also has a metal framework protruding through the patient’s gum. This metal structure holds the teeth upright. For those who cannot wear traditional dentures or cannot keep the frame within the bone due to lack of height, can go for this procedure without a doubt. For Dental implants in general, you need to have good bone density; this is why a dentist conducts several tests before giving you a date for the dental implants procedure. Other than strong jaw bones, you also need to have healthy gums to get good results from ‘dental implants’.

Same day dental implants

Same day dental implants is a phenomenal concept in dentistry that is creating news for all the right reasons. However, this new design is not available in all the clinics, which is why you will have to enquire if your hospital is offering the same. Before you are going for the same day dental implants procedure, you will have to gather all the relevant information such as the cost involved and other valuable information associated with the treatment. In the case of immediate dental implants, titanium rod is placed in your mouth with the artificial tooth mounted immediately onto the rod.  

Same day dental implementation is very different from getting a dental implants done on an average day. In a typical procedure, patients get dentures positioned on titanium rods instead of plates, denture sets, and bridges. Usually, the period between implanting a titanium rod and getting the artificial teeth installed over to these rods is between three to four months. Generally, a Dentist conducts tests before actually proceeding with the actual procedure, just to make sure the patient is ready for the dental implants. These tests will help the dentist to figure out the current condition of the patient and whether he or she has enough jawbones for inserting the titanium pieces.

Defining the success of Dental Implants in Dubai

Even though the success rate of dental implants can be up to 98 percent, a lot depends on the placement as well. Besides that as mentioned earlier, if taken care of them properly, they last a lifetime.

Who can get Dental Implants?

To be specific, anyone who is fit to have oral surgery or even allowed having a dental extraction can have dental implants done. Physically a person should have healthy gums and bones that are strong enough to hold the dental implants for a long time. It all depends on the oral hygiene of the individual that wishes to go for dental implants in Dubai because people who don’t go for regular dental check-ups may have issues that need professional guidance and supervision.

The best thing to do for anyone who is planning to get a dental implants is to visit the expert to get the best opinion and advice.

What Is Involved in Getting a Dental Implants?

Every treatment or a procedure starts with a treatment plan, which is prepared with the help of a Dental expert like Hellenic Dental Clinic they are the best Dental Clinic in Jumeirah Dubai UAE. The treatment plan includes the requirement of the patient and also the best possible solution to that. The next step involves creating a stable ground for the dental implant, which is mostly done by placing a titanium post on the bone socket of the missing tooth. The titanium post allows the jawbone to heal (probably within 10 to 12 weeks) and grow around it, thereby making it stronger and much stable.

After dental implants gets attached to the jawbone, an abutment is placed that can hold the new tooth firmly.A new tooth is then connected to the abutment. Creating a new tooth requires making the exact impression of the patient’s tooth first by the dentist. The dentist also matches the color of the feeling of the natural tooth to give it a real experience and appearance.

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